The Gnomes Are Coming

There's a buzz going around the White Mtns region that a gnome community is coming to Rustic Log Cabins in Lisbon, NH.

Gnome on Porch

Gnome Gnome

Various reports from several sources seem to support these rumors.

Seems that the gnome population heard about the quaintness of these cabins, with their wood burning fireplaces, outdoor fire pits and the Salmon Hole Brook that runs through the land, and thought it would be a perfect place to reside.

The gnomes have a uncanny ability to hop into your luggage or car without you knowing. So beware of these friendly hitchhikers. However, if a gnome has found its way into your travel bag or vehicle, please be kind and neighborly and help them arrive safely.

They might be shy as they begin to travel, but they just love having their picture taken once they've settled.

Reports from the locals say that these gnomes are typically of the garden variety and are about as tall as a large soda bottle or taller but all are welcome.

If you know of any gnomes that have stated a desire of residing at Rustic Log Cabins, pls give them a lift.

Spring into Spring Special

Gnome on Bridge

Rustic Log Cabins
1450 Sugar Hill Road
Lisbon, NH 03585
(603) 838-6731